Wednesday, July 4, 2012

M3 Report-ICE Agent Stable After Being Shot in South Texas; How Will PRI's Win Change the U.S.-Mexico Relationship?

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A. Ferguson, Editor
How Will PRI's Win Change the U.S.-Mexico Relationship? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexican Remittances Rise 7.8% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Return of the Mexican Dinosaur Mexico's pretty-boy president is more dangerous than he looks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two (state) policemen die in Mexico blast (Another car bomb) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Three Die in Shooting at Polling Place in Mexico ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ U.S. Journalist Found Dead in Mexico ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexico’s New President Has Ties to Cartels ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexico declares bird flu emergency ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexican Drug War Set to Intensify Before New President Takes Office ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexico Drug-Related Killings Fall To 901 In June, Milenio Says ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexico's once-dominant PRI party gets 'second chance' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexico's New Leader Faces Split Congress President-Elect Party's Lack of Legislative Majority Leaves Its Economic Agenda at Risk; Challenge by Losing Rival Emerges ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IFE Mexico Elections 2012: Fraud Charges to Be Brought against Peña Nieto and PRI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Worries about vote buying despite Mexican reforms ahead of elections ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Peña Nieto's victory in Mexico is a vote for the old regime ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meet Mexico’s new President Enrique Peña Nieto ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Five Take-Aways from the Mexican Election ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Newly Elected Mexican Leader Pledges Transparency ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Police chief killed in northwest Mexico ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexico Drug War Refugees Face Long Odds for Asylum ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guatemalan students protest over education reform Dozens of people have been injured ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mob Burns Police Station in Guatemala ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Archaeologists find 2nd reference to end of Mayan era ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Honduras Grapples With Dramatic Upsurge in Murder of Journalists ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Central America Draws Support from Mexico and Colombia in Fight against Drug Trafficking ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Colombia Decriminalizes Cocaine and Marijuana, As Latin American Momentum for Drug Policy Reform Continues ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Than Half Ton of Cocaine Seized in Colombia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Uruguay Considers Selling Marijuana ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Former Colombian police commander embroiled in US corruption case ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A year after revealing he has cancer, Chávez still wants to shape Venezuela’s future ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘FARC attack’ stops soccer game in western Colombia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pablo Escobar resurrected in hit TV series in Colombia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FARC blamed for massacre in southwestern Colombia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ecuador: Journalist murdered by unidentified individuals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brazil: Rio de Janeiro Homicides Reach 21-Year Low ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Peru Destroys Massive Marijuana Crop, Pointing to Possible Rise in Cultivation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brazil council says number of judges facing death threats is up, and few have protection ICE Agent Stable After Being Shot in South Texas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obama administration already granting amnesty ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Terry's mom: Walkout is 'a disgrace' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obama Contributor, Who Helped Enact Assault-Weapons Ban, Ran ‘Fast and Furious’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Holiday fireworks as Grassley reveals crucial ATF memo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meet The Camo-Clad, Gonzo Bloggers Behind The Fast And Furious Story “I don't want this to be a partisan football - I want this to be an American issue,” says Codrea. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AZ Hiker finds stash of AK-47s in Madera Canyon area ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why Is DHS A Crappy Place to Work?-Part 1 Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CA Alleged Mexican drug cartel figure arrested in El Monte (Mexico offered a 5 million peso reward.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Immigrants express shock at return of Mexico's PRI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Implications Of Supreme Court's Ruling On Arizona’s SB 1070 Law ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter, Blaine Sector June 14- June 27 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TX Drug cartel’s bold macho marketing helps feds bust pot headed to Houston ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TX Alleged Zetas horse industry leader ordered held without bail ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ND CBP Officers Discover Stowaways Hidden in a Locomotive ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Violent gang member extradited from Mexico for US Embassy employee’s murder ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SAN DIEGO COUNTY $41M in pot plants seized in Warner Springs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FL Coast Guard seizes 3,800 pounds of cocaine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FL Former ICE Chief To Change Plea In Child Porn Case ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PA Ban on undocumented workers in construction is approved ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ U.S. border worries migrate inland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PR CBP San Juan Finds Cocaine and Heroin Inside a Container ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NY Fewer workers cross border, creating U.S. farm labor shortage (Editor’s Note: Growing up in western NY state in the 50-60’s, the agricultural labor in the summer fields was done by migrating blacks that came up from the south each year to work, and went back south before the cold of autumn came in. They traveled in migrant buses as the Mexican migrants now do.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NY Tension for East Hampton as Immigrants Stream In ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MI CBP Officers in Port Huron Arrest Imposter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WA Smuggling Cocaine Into Canada ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -end of report-
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